tryb was invited to speak to over 90 Board of Directors of Malaysian Financial Institutions in Kuala Lumpur on 4 August 2016. In 90 min the audience learned about the impact of technology in finance, how banks respond to the trends and what kind of technology companies tryb sees in the market.

Key Takeaways

  1. Culture: How do we evolve, first leadership and then organisation-wide, to become more agile by being tech-first?

  2. Talent: Where and what kind of non-banking hires can be deployed and what responsibilities can they be given to empower innovation?

  3. Interfaces: How fast can we digitise and create user (Ux) and software (API) interfaces that nurture FinTech partnerships to improve RoE?

  4. Analytics: What kind of data is available and how can we leverage it for better decision making?

  5. Efficiency: What decisions and processes can be automated?

Feedback for tryb

“The Fintech session by tryb is  probably one the best session on Fintech that I have attended. The presenters,  one with fintech industry experience and the other with regulator and investor experience, gave a good balance of what’s happening in the industry and how to manage changes that will challenge the banking industry. I totally agree with one of the participant who remarked that this session was probably the most concise and effective session on fintech you can do in 2 hours.”