About Us

tryb is a financial infrastructure company that invests in, operates and aggregates growth stage and middle market financial technology companies. Our companies transform institutions and enable them to shape the future of financial services in the ASEAN and Asian region by harnessing a young and growing consumer economy, addressing large underbanked populations, and overcoming higher cost legacy technologies, while complying with local regulatory regimes.

tryb represents an integrated platform of financial technology solutions.  Core workflow solutions in origination, aggregation and distribution – across asset classes and business lines – are augmented by value added modules in A.I., big data, cloud optimisation, distributed ledger, regulatory technology and security.  tryb works with financial institutions at the enterprise level (B2B) to improve efficiencies and drive growth.

As a group, tryb realises synergies in enterprise sales, support and development.  We also focus on strategic M&A to augment existing solutions, while driving consolidation A of complementary businesses and technologies.  The tryb model leverages Singapore as a gateway to deploying the strongest intellectual property (IP) in financial technology throughout ASEAN and Asia.